Scappoose is a city in Columbia County, Oregon, United States. It was named for a nearby stream, which drains the southern part of the county. The name "Scappoose" is of Native American origin, and is said to mean "gravelly plain." The population was 6,592 at the 2010 census.

In recent years, Scappoose has increasingly become a "bedroom" community of Portland, Oregon, with many commuting to jobs in the city. Dairies, farming, and logging played an important role in the early years of Scappoose's history. In the more recent past, several factories existed in the community and provided jobs. The town was home to a shoe factory, two candle factories, and a Steinfeld's Sauerkraut factory. The area still has gravel mines and the West Coast Shoe factory. Scappoose is also the home of Oregon Aero.

On April 6, 2009, the Scappoose City Council voted to significantly reduce development fees in an effort in encourage new industrial and commercial development. Also, the council waived business license fees for Scappoose-based businesses in 2010.


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